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My name's Kelsey; I have tattoos and piercings. My boyfriend is the most amazing person in the world :) My blog is all about being unique and different! You can always talk to me, I love helping people & making everyone feel special. Love you!


My boyfriend, tattoos, and kittens come first. Food, tumblr and sleep are my weaknesses. I'll always be obsessed with adventure and the unknown of the future.



nnnnicolexo said: Omg u have a instagram!? Could I have your username to follow u!?

yeah of course! it’s kelsscameron



namasteintertational said: I adore blog and follow you on instagram too. You're just flawless.

thanks beautiful :) Your blog is amazing :)


Anonymous said: You don't get on much now I know but I followed Andrew on Instagram and I can see why you left him. If he would've just stayed faithful to you and not flirt with girls he would still have you. You deserve better. I ended up unfollowing him because I didn't want the nastiness that he brought. I really liked you two together you seemed really in love. Good luck with everything and don't let him get you down. If he's willing to go out with some girl he doesn't even know he never deserved you at all

I haven’t been on in a while cause I started college! Thank you so much for this message, it’s really been hard on me but life goes on and i’m glad others can see what kind of a person he’s turned into. xoxo thank you love